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W Family | Columbus, OH Family Photographer

I love when families come back to see me.  It’s seriously the biggest compliment EVER!!  I was super excited when D reached out to me for a family session because it had been five years since I last photographed them.  A lot has changed in five years!  They added a sweet little boy to their family, and my photography style has evolved — for the better. 😉

It was cloudy and super cold on the day of their session.  SO much so that we almost rescheduled (for a second time), but decided not to based on the weather forecast for the following weekend.  Ohio weather!!  We may have froze (and warmed up by the fire in between), but their session couldn’t have been more perfect and they couldn’t have been sweeter!

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J Family | Lancaster, Ohio Family Photographer

This has to be one of my all time favorite sessions.  Seriously, so much goodness.  I love when people step in front of my camera and just ooze love.  It’s everything.  Liz is one of my really good friends, and I absolutely adore her sweet kiddos.  They are everything that is right and good in this crazy world.  I could go on and on, but I’ll just let the images do the talking.  Enjoy a massive imagery overload.  Like massive!



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H Family | Lancaster, Ohio Family Photographer

So many sweet families I have yet to blog.  It’s such a shame to keep all the love and cuteness to myself, so I really need to get caught up.  I’m on it! 😉  I love photographing one year olds.  They either love or hate the camera, and there’s usually no in between.  Q definitely gave me the typical oh-so-serious-one-year-old stare, but I worked my magic and pulled out those sweet smiles.  😉

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