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Slow Down {Canal Winchester Ohio Lifestyle Photographer}

Do you remember when time could never go fast enough?  Days seemed to drag.  Years went on and on, and it seemed as if you would never reach those much anticipated milestones in life.

Fast forward.  All of those fleeting moments are gone in the blink of an eye.  Hours now seem like minutes, and yesterdays are gone before we often have time to truly savor them.  I think we become acutely aware of this epidemic when we adults become parents.  We find our selves wanting to slow down time, rather than speed it up like the days of our past.  I am a mommy to two small boys who keep changing with each passing day.  Sometimes I am blissfully unaware of these changes, but then something happens to remind me of the inevitable.  Change is inevitable, this we all know, so instead of being sad I want to live in the moment and be present for every change that occurs in my boys’ lives.

Jack, my amazingly adorable, 11 month old is changing so, so much.  He is quickly approaching his 1st birthday and reaching so many milestones in the process.  He finally got his first two teeth at 10.5 months, he has started eating “real” food, he took his first steps just a couple of days ago, he has learned to steal food from his big brother (yes, big brother is not too fond of this!), and he’s finally holding his own bottle!  He is the happiest, easiest baby (unless if he’s getting his diaper changed), and I can’t imagine a life without him in it!  As much as I wish I could slow down time, and freeze Jack in all his solid, chubby baby glory, I know it’s just not possible!  So, I keep snapping, documenting, and savoring all these precious moments that I am so blessed to be a part of.  I really am one lucky momma!


My boys have an obsession with beer boxes! It’s cheap fun. 😉

Yay!!!  He has chompers!! 🙂

Get me out of this thing! He immediately crawled over to daddy. 🙂

Stealing his brother’s blueberries.  This happens daily at every meal lol!

Mommy loves you with all her heart, Jack.  xoxox

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